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What we provide

nrichkids.com.au brings together fun-filled activities, sporting clubs and tuitions centers around your neightbourhood where you decide which path is the best way to enrich your child's future.

All kids are different and excel in different areas. nrichkids.com.au provides an overview of choice and detailed insight of individual providers so parents can decide which activity and which provider is best suited to cater to their child's need and interest.

Simple Steps To Find Your Activity.

Quick, Easy, Secure

Filtered through age groups, class sizes, days of availability, we help busy parents efficiently plogh through what can be an overload of search result out there.

With the help of testimonials and reviews from other parents, you'll be able to delve into our ever expanding database and find the most suitable provider for your child.

Our nrichkids App.

Intuitive, Effective, Dependable

The nrichkids app is easy to use, intuitive and features a comprehensive database of activities for you to choose from.

You'll spend less time searching and heaps more time with your kids enriching.

Now available through Appstore & Google Play.

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Enrolment & Payment Piece Of Mind.

Safe, Secure & Reliable.

Knowing that your payment is safe & secure is very important.

That's why our enrolment & payment process has been developed to be worry free and reassuring.

We keep you up-to-date and informed every step of the way.

An email confirmation is sent to you (and the provider) as soon as the payment is processed.

You can also review your enrolment receipt in the nrichkids app at anytime.