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Gone are the days where you spend more time administering your business when you really should be providing your essential service.

Do you spend a lot of time enrolling new students? Keeping track whether they've paid? Responding to new enquiries? These are all very time consuming tasks yet must be done somehow. will allow all this to be done in a flash and all at your fingertips. With the help of data-driven analysis that tells you lots more information about your centre.

See at a glance which programs are the most popular and which time-slot still have spots available.

Furthermore, our 'Wait List' feature will allow you to gauge interest if additional classes were opened.

Publish need-to-know information clearly and intuitively on your profile for your potential clients, and if that's not enough, our instant messaging platform allows for a quick response to leads and new enquiries.

Make yourself found in our fast expanding user-base by exploring our flexible subscription packages, or fine-tune your advertising campaign in our list of add-ons.

Basic Subscription is FREE because we want to give every reason to try us out.

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Your professional looking profile will be visible on every possible format, device and platform.
The setup process is easy to use and intuitive, and if that's still not enough, we're always here to give a helping hand.

News Blog.

Our news blog will feature nrichkids providers from time to time, so feel free to submit articles or enquiries by contacting us.

Simple Steps To Come On Board.

Quick, Easy, Intuitive.

We provide a simple and intuitive platform to get your business up and running quickly.

If you're unsure, contact us and we can guide you through the process. We're here to make things easy.

The Tools We Provide.

Intuitive, Smart, Powerful.

Powerful tools that comes with the platform enable providers to focus on the things that are important for every profitable business. That is, listening to what the customer wants, keeping track of costs and revenue, and effective promotion of their business.

Stand Out From The Crowd.

Targeted, Scalable & Cost Effective. attracts a unique group of visitors, namely parents looking for children's activities, and we strive to provide that in the most assessable way.

If you are a quality provider, you will be explored with keen interest, rather than seen as a distraction, or just another ad.

Your budget can be adjusted at any time throughout the campaign, so there is no need to over spend at the start.

We believe small steps can still go a long way.

And how do you know you're getting value for your money? All leads generated are there for you to see.

All real users, real parents hoping to enrich their child's experience. Are you ready to be a provider?

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